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Procedure for Ordering

Register for an Account

  • Enter your email, password and agree with user agreement.

  • Please enter your billing address and the delivery address.


Format for Delivery Address

  • Name: Surname      Forename 

  • Mobile Number: UK 11-digits Number

  • Postcode: Please type in all caps,leave a space after the number of the first part of the postcode,

    For example, L1 5JN

  • Address: House number/Apartment number,apartment name, street name


Select Products & Checkout - Shopping Process – Payment Page  

  • After selecting products, please double check information and address of the receiver of delivery.

Order Submission

  • Order submitted successfully

  • If some products you ordered are out of stock, we may take the item marked out of stock, out of the your order and we might contact you in regards of this matter.


Procedure Finished – Wait for Delivery

There is no need to leave delivery address, if your order is online course only. Please enter your mobile number and email address correctly to receive course information. 


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